Dream come true

“Papa, one day I will fly this.” Pointing to the sky, twelve-year-old Monica said. Her father followed gesture of her hand where an airplane was drawing the line of clouds in the sky. Her father smiled and said “Okay.” Her dream had wings that day as her father had shown his faith in the same .                     Monica was a small town girl. She was from the middle class family and had never gone outside her city alone. At that point of time, she didn’t even know, how to drive a car? She just did a small accident with her Activa.  In the narrated circumstances, her dream to fly looked like nothing more than a wishful thinking.                     With the passage of time, as she grew older, her dream seem to have completely vanished as she got an admission in an enginnering college and started pursuing the same. But her father’s believe and faith was still alive who surprised her by asking, “is she ready to fly?”                                        Thereafter, she saw major turns in her life. For the first time in her life, she was going, not out of her city but abroad alone to fulfill her dream. She was nervous but equally excited to take her first step towards her dream which was earlier looked like a ‘Wishful Thinking’. She started walking alone and after that, she never looked back.                      A middle-class family girl from a small town saw the dream at the age of twelve and acheived it at the age of twenty two, simply because of her parents blessings and most importantly, her father’s unshaken belive in her dream.

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