Possessive Mother

I asked Asha, I will take care of your baby, you go and take rest as the whole day, you were busy in ceremonial rituals and was also holding the baby. She hesitated and said no, no, not required, I will take care of him.          

  I was bit surprised as I was her best friend and was not expecting NO in such an abrupt manner. 
        Asha embraced motherhood just a month ago when she delivered a baby boy. After having a baby, her life started revolving only around her baby.    

   Initially, I thought the same as a normal change but with the passage of time, I noticed she doesn’t loose sight of her baby even for a second and even is not ready to leave her baby with anyone or to go anywhere without him. The behaviour which seems normal change for me initially and has now made me realize that she has turned into possessive and overprotective mother who is ready to loose her comfort, sleep and everything just to take care of her child.             

   But somehow somewhere I knew the reason of her possessive & protective behaviour. After having a baby, she gave up her independent life, her ambitious career, her favourite place to live in, in short, everything just to raise her child well and now, she was not leaving any stone unturned just to achieve her purpose. As of now, there seems nothing else on her agenda or her purpose of life.       

  She is so much involved in her child that she has totally forgotten her own indetity. She is not Asha anymore but just a mother of her son.        

 This change botheres me, a lot and made me think, to what extend and  to how long, she can go on like this? I wonder what will happen, when her baby will grow up, will start doing his chores by himself and will get busy in his own life?       

 I just hope and pray, tomorrow, she be strong enough to adapt & move on when her little chick will be ready to fly by his own in the open sky.  

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